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Are you a trainer or nutrition coach working too many hours for too little money? Successful trainers and coaches make six figure incomes working far fewer hours than the average professional. We mentor you through mastering the 3 crucial areas to becoming a successful nutrition coach.


What Do You Want To Achieve?

Use a Seamless System

You should be doing what you are good at, what you want to do. Coaching clients. Without a system you will find yourself working more hours each day on other stuff. We help you set up a system specifically for your needs so that you can spend time doing what really matters.

Fill Your Client Roster

We get it, selling can suck. You don't want to be pushy or misleading. In fact you'd prefer to not have to hype your services at all. To solve that we teach you how to fill up your client roster by genuinely helping people. You won't even think of it as selling., and neither will your customer.

Unlock Your Client's Motivation

We've all thought it, "Why won't you just do what I told you to do?!" What the certs don't teach you are the skills to help your client find their motivation. Save yourself decades of learning curve and discover how to unlock your client's motivation.

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Take A Peek At Your Mentorship Details

Problem: You’ve learned a ton about nutrition and fat loss, and you’re desperate to use it! You have all of that knowledge, but you don’t know how to integrate it into your current coaching or training business.

Solution: Complete Coaching Mentors show you exactly how to put that all together into a successful coaching business in our mentorship. You emerge confident, skilled and with a profitable business in place.

We answer all the little questions like:

  • How much content to give them at a time
  • How to develop your own habits system based on what you believe
  • How to help the awkward customer
  • What to do with a nay-sayer in the group
  • How to counter the scare-mongering questions
  • How and when to ask which questions
  • How to market your services
  • How to do it as a stand-alone program
  • How to integrate it with a current coaching or training business
  • What price point to use
  • What platform to use
  • How to collect the money

And on top of that, your habit-based coaching skills will be elevated by practice and feedback with your actual clients in the real world. For many trainers and coaches, this will be the first time you’ve ever had the opportunity to get actual feedback and coaching on your coaching interactions with clients. If you ever played a sport, and had a really great coach, you get that having a coach watch you and give you direction is game changing. That’s what this mentorship program is like.

Subject knowledge is important and necessary… but telling that information to your clients doesn’t make them do it. And so you’ve got all of this great knowledge, but it isn’t really making a difference for your client’s fat loss results. And so it isn’t making a difference for your business either.

Most courses are more subject knowledge — no coaching skills, no coaching practice, no personal feedback on how you’re coaching your clients, no mentorship.

Even worse, they don’t answer the dozens of small, but massively important, logistical questions about how to make it work in your business.

We fill in all the gaps in between nutrition certifications and a successful habits-based coaching business.

Lets get real: You aren’t going to get really great coaching skills from a book. And you aren’t going to get them from a course.

You only get great coaching skills, and working towards coaching mastery by:

  1. Learning one skill at a time
  2. Practice that skill with REAL CLIENTS
  3. Review/Debrief client sessions with your mentor
  4. Practice it again, with what you learned in the debrief, until you master it

And you do that, one skill at a time, until you're awesome at all the skills you want to learn.

It isn’t sexy.

It isn’t how easy most courses promise it will be: “Learn the one trick!”

Nope, in fact, it’s down and dirty. It’s messy. You have to get your hands dirty.

You'll practice specific skills, we'll help you get better by giving you feedback.​

That’s how skill acquisition works in real life.

If you played sports as a kid (and had a good coach), you already know this. How about you start treating your coaching business like a sport?

You only get great business skills, and build a thriving business by:

  1. Have one business homework assignment at a time
  2. Work on that that assignment in your ACTUAL BUSINESS
  3. Review/Debrief your work with your mentor
  4. Hone it even more, with what you learned in the debrief, until it’s a working piece of your business.

And you do that, one piece at a time, until you have an actual working, profitable habits-coaching business. With a finished system: Actual habit coaching documents you can give to your clients. A developed platform, electronic funds collecting system, and marketing plan.

Again, it isn’t sexy, because it’s work.

But we are with you doing the work, and the work will get done correctly, and you’ll leave with a fully functioning coaching business.

We fill in all the gaps in between nutrition certifications and a successful habits-based coaching business.

This is about you having the tools you need, and all of the little questions answered, so you make the kind of difference for your clients you’ve always wanted to make, and have the kind of coaching business you’ve always wanted to have.

We actually, you know, talk to you.

This almost seems silly to write.

But the truth is, most certifications, “coaching programs,” or “mastermind groups” you really don’t ever get to talk to the people who created the system. You mostly get them spraying you with information like out of a fire-hose.

But you don’t get to have all of your questions answered. If you do get a question answered, it’s not by them.

The biggest thing here, is that you get Georgie, Josh, and Roland, right there to answer all of your questions, five days per week. As many questions as you have — that’s how many we answer. And that’s how we make sure that this program will have you making a bigger difference for your clients and in your business.

You’ve Got Concerns.

Will Some Other Certification or Level Two Certification Be Better?

So look, there are some other really well known coaching programs and certifications and stuff that are in this same space. And the people who created them are awesome. But you don’t have any access to those people. Sure, you’ll get their content sprayed at your face with a fire-hose. But you don’t get your questions answered, and you don’t get coaching.

I had a bad experience with a different coaching program.

So there was that last course that over-promised and under-delivered. And the other one where you never actually got to talk to the guy who ran it. Or it never covered that one thing that you really needed help with. We heard all about those.

This course is the opposite of that. We’re in the program every day answering your questions. You’ve got access.

Check the “Call Us and Ask” Guarantee below to see how we’ve got you covered.

I'm not sure if I have time to implement more information.

Our course is low on stuff to read and figure out, and high on experimenting with your clients. In essence, most of the course is going to happen with you with your clients, in the sessions you already do and are getting paid for.

Since this program happens with your clients, it doesn’t take a ton of extra time.

Will this overlap with other courses?

Most previous clients tell us that the topics covered and the way we cover it wasn’t found in any other courses they’ve taken (and they’ve taken all of the major ones in our industry). Essentially, that our course specialized in the stuff that’s in-between lessons or not covered at all in other nutrition and behavior change courses.

I've taken other courses that never answered my actual questions.

This one is easy — we will literally answer your all of your questions. Any questions you have. We love questions, and you have direct access to us.

If you really want your questions answered, we might be the only program there is.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

This is where our course really shines: We don’t promise any magic secrets or fairy dust. What we promise is that you’ll get coaching, do practice stuff with your clients in your business, and come back and get more coaching. You don’t have to worry about it “working” because this is a course based on doing work and getting coached on the work. Literally the whole course will be it “working.”

How do I know you guys can really teach me?

Not only do we do habit-based coaching in our businesses every day, and have done for years… but we also coach real life coaches on how to do this. We actually see them succeed in the real world, with their real clients.

Will people listen to me if I haven’t written a book?

None of the coaches we work with have books. Some of them use our books to lean on to give credibility to the system they are talking about. Some create their own system. Both ways totally work, and neither require you writing your own book.

How much personal access is there?

You can email us. We are here for you on Facebook. We can even hop on the phone.

Because you actually have access to us, three different ways, there’s no chance of something you need slipping through the cracks. You can always just ask!

The Complete Coaching Mentors

Josh Hillis

Is the author of the ever-popular book "Fat Loss Happens On Monday", with Dan John.

Josh has been quoted or pictured in kettlebell articles for The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Denver Post. Josh is a regular contributor to Strength Matters Magazine, currently writing a series on how trainers can better coach habits.

In 2015, Josh has/is doing workshops for trainers on how to coach habits at six different trainer summits on two continents.

Josh is a subject matter expert for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, regularly doing item (question) writing, review, and fact checking for the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Exam.

As a subject matter expert on habit-based food coaching, he has consulted on two new certifications NASM is developing. Josh's blog, has been read by over 4 million people in 150 countries in the last 11 years.

Georgie Fear

Is ​a Registered Dietitian and professional nutrition coach. Her work has been featured in Women's Health, Men's Health, SELF, Outside, Women's Running, and other popular magazines.

Her blog AskGeorgie has been a source of trustworthy nutrition information and advice since 2008. She has worked with Olympic and National Team athletes since 2011, helping several of Canada's finest competitors achieve personal bests in performance and body composition. Her 2014 book Racing Weight Cookbook has sold more than 25,000 copies worldwide, and her 2015 book Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss has been praised by some of top names in the fitness industry.

Georgie's guidance and training has built a dream team of staff coaches at One By One Nutrition, and she has helped other independent coaches rise to the next level of skill through her mentorship.

Roland Fisher

Cofounder of One By One Nutrition, a nutrition and habit expert, and industry veteran of more than 20 years. He has helped more than a thousand clients dominate life and find their best physiques.

Roland started out in a time when good nutrition information was rare, Richard Simmons was a mega star and really big, bright gym pants ruled. He wasn't a physically gifted athlete and he turned to nutrition to take his game to the next level. His experience and knowledge base drew many to him as a teacher of nutrition that is evidence based, simple and extremely effective. That became addictive and he studied ever since.

However, after years of telling people what to do, and only having some of them do it, he saw that behavior change and habit formation were the real elements that people needed. After a few years of studying psychological research and texts, he and Georgie are achieving unparalleled results with their clients. Most importantly, Roland watches his clients enjoy the process.

Under Roland's guidance One By One Nutrition has grown large enough to hire other coaches, allowing him to work at home, and set his own schedule with no ties to an office. Roland is currently living his dream life; he and Georgie can live anywhere in the world while they work, and they suspect Costa Rica might be home next winter.

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